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Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Lawn care and landscaping in Texas requires regular care. Despite being a warm climate, much more goes into lawn care than simply watering and here at Wynnscapes we want to help your lawn be the best that it can be.

Basic Lawn Care Services


Wynnscapes excels in Year-round Landscape Maintenance, Spring & Fall Landscape Cleanups for new customers, and timely mowing programs during the main turf growing season.


Our Lawn Care Services can Include:


  • Lawn Mowing Maintenance

  • Flower Installation

  • Turf Fertilization and Weed Control

  • Manicured Hedge Trimming

  • Flower Bed Maintenance and Weeding

  • Light Tree Trimming

  • and More! 

We provide homeowners and small business owners alike, the peace of mind and customer-oriented lawn & landscape service that is top-notch I the industry.  Wynnscapes professional landscape workers and staff show homeowners and business owners how a healthy, maintained landscape will improve property values.  It also gives a wonderful first impression of your home or business.


Landscape Maintenance Knowledge


Our Team of Landscape Workers show the importance of experience & attention to detail when maintaining our clients’ lawn & landscape.  Having provided landscape maintenance to a large selection of different types of landscapes and lawns, our team knows what to do & how to do it for your lawn and landscape.  Allowing the knowledge and ability of the Wynnscapes Lawn & Landscape Maintenance crews to go to work for you, will make your lawn care needs go away.  From mowing to pruning to weeding to planting to all things landscape maintenance, Wynnscapes has the knowledge to keep your lawn & landscape beautiful all year long!

Mowing and Landscaping

Our trained lawn and landscape crews will take on the responsibility of keeping your lawn and landscape looking great so that you can spend time on other important aspects of your life. Leave your lawn and landscape needs up to the professionals at Wynnscapes. Then, forget about it. We've got your Lawn and Landscape items covered.

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